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Babar de le Treze is a collective of artist and artisans from the Veneto region in Italy. Our aim is to marry original visionary design with the highest quality craftsmanship.

The collective´s founder, Mónica Cortés, studied History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. In 1998 she moved to Venice where she received further tuition at San Servolo´s Academy and worked with the masters of Murano. This unique experience and exposure lent Mónica a deep understanding of the exquisiteness – and the challenges- in this important European heritage.

At Babar de le Treze we believe that real refinement comes from the combination of a lifelong study of Art and Nature, nurtured by the passion to produce thoughtful, contemporary work. Our mirrored walls, glassware, lamps, mirrors and glass windows are unique, and designed endure the test to the time.

About techniques

We make all our drawings by hand and from nature as what we are trying to transmit to the final object is life; thus, the sensitivity and vision of the artist is carried to the glass by the Master, who uses techniques which have not changed since Antiquity and which have been lost, rediscovered and innovated upon in Murano for more than a millenium.